Repressive nonsense

Can you believe this crap? Two cars left in London with the intention of blowing up clubbers and a car driven into the front of Glasgow airport to blow up travellers. So in response to this unpredicted attacks, which were foiled by the attackers’ own incompetence more than any action by the state security services, they’re now once again talking about 90 days detention without charge.

It doesn’t seem to matter that these repressive, illiberal measures wouldn’t have helped in this or any other case. This would mean a completely innocent person could just be locked up for 3 months for no good reason while the police search through their stuff in order to find out that they are innocent. What is that person supposed to do when they are released?

My brother’s suggestion (which I certainly don’t endorse) is that a wall be built around Bradford and it then be used as an internment camp for all Muslims until they can be repatriated.


~ by yorksdevil on July 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Repressive nonsense”

  1. HI York. I FINALLY found the link to your place so I could stop by. AND I bookmarked it right away so I won’t forget.

    These crazy people scare me, and they make me afraid to fly, or even go near the airport. I don’t know what the solution is.

    Good post.

  2. It’s times like this in which I too am grateful to live in an overlooked city (yep, saw your comment on Moobs). It just makes me want to hide under the table.

  3. Hi J. Thanks for the comment.

    Bec – I worry sometimes that my libertarian stand is because of this. I hope I would feel the same if I lived in London, Birmingham, Manchester or Glasgow.

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