Focus on Ulley

What I didn’t mention about going to the cinema last Wednesday is that afterwards we went for a drink at the Royal Oak in Ulley. This is a regular drinking spot for my parents because they sell decent beer at low prices.

Ulley is a small village between southern Sheffield and Rotherham (it comes under Rotherham) that pretty much just consists of houses and the pub. The reservoir and country park is just down the hill and is a nice enough walk on a sunny day. Several years ago we nearly moved there, but decided to stay where we are.


~ by yorksdevil on June 26, 2007.

4 Responses to “Focus on Ulley”


    A link to some pictures of the situation at Ulley. I’ve been looking at the area on Google Earth to get some idea how serious the situation could be. Doesn’t look like it would be that bad, but I’m not an expert in these things though and not a terrain analysis expert either 🙂

    Sam Smiths. Good Beer. Their Stout is lush. Better than Guinness.

  2. I have the ‘pure brewed lager’ myself. I don’t like the fact that they don’t have any decent soft drinks.

    On the news they were saying hundreds of homes would be flooded as well as that section of the M1, which they’ve closed as a precaution.

  3. Jesus Christ! Run for the hills man – the big steep ones! That landslide on the side of the reservior would just have me gone! Come to the West – we’re having no problems (at the moment – touch wood)…

  4. No need to worry, Bec. The only thing that’s changed where I actually live is the internet has become less reliable.

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