Graduation Day

I got my graduation pack in the post this morning. It’s in the middle of November at Sheffield City Hall, with a reception there afterwards.

It wasn’t long ago I was thinking about secretly sneaking off on holiday so I’d be out of the country when it happens. I want to go and see the good people from my course and my mother wants the picture of me in cap and gown with a scroll of paper in my hands, but I don’t actually want to go up on stage and collect my degree. I suffer terribly from nerves; just thinking about it when I was looking through the pack made me feel queasy. I think that when they announce my name I’ll be in the toilets throwing up!

There’s all sorts of merchandise one can buy too. There’s a Class of 2007 t-shirt with a list of all the graduates on the back, cuff-links and tie pins available in steel or silver and various other goodies. It says the ones listed are only a selection and the full range is at so I’ll have to pop on there a little later to have a look.

I’ve just been measured for my gown (I did suggest it might be an idea to wait a couple of months as I might change size between now and then).

There is of course the other problem: there’s going to be a lot of people asking “What have you been doing this summer” and “What are you going to do now?” neither of which I care to answer.

Where’s nice in November?


~ by yorksdevil on August 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “Graduation Day”

  1. You cannot cannot cannot disappoint your mother. She has to have the photo so she can display it on a wall that everyone who walks past the front door can see.
    Stay away from alcohol, coffee and class anything drugs on the day and all will be good.

  2. I too, am feeling pukey at the thought of it. Shall we book a trip to Barbados?

  3. Bec – I disappoint my mother on a daily basis, this is simply a question of scale.

    Lucy – a fine suggestion, I’m sure.

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