Why the long Q?

Tonight’s the big release of the last of that series of books I usually prefer not to mention. I really don’t see the attraction of them. I mention this because my brother has it pre-ordered at a shop which is opening at midnight for the release. I think in such situations they only want people who are there to buy that particular item, not to browse, which is a terrible shame.

I think the Next sale starts at 5 am, so if the shop was to be open later one could go shopping for some clothes afterwards. I think that would be much better. I suppose you could buy the book at midnight, read it until 5 and then head to Next.

What really gets me though is the fact that people have been waiting outside shops all day ready for the release of a book which is going to be in plentiful supply. There are no expectations of a shortage. Small independent retailers have got copies of the previous books they can’t get rid of because the supermarkets flog the books dead cheap.

They’re just plain daft if you ask me.


~ by yorksdevil on July 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Why the long Q?”

  1. Ahhhh. The power of marketing. Wish I’d thought of it.

  2. At the bookstore I was in last night, it was open from 9-12 and there was plenty of browsing and buying. In fact most bookstores around here had “HP parties”. We had lots of fun at ours, and my kids were thrilled to have their copies at midnight.
    But you’re right – if for some reason we couldn’t or didn’t want to go out last night, we probably could have picked one up this morning. Except by pre-ordering my two copies in March, I got them for $10 a piece. They will NOT be that cheap this morning.
    Are we a little grumpy today? (wink)


  3. I didn’t mean to give the impression I’m against midnight shopping. In fact I went along with my brother to pick up his copy, (I wondered if I might see anyone I know in the queue) but the cheeky sods had the rest of the shop closed.

    In a smaller bookshop we popped in afterwards he found they had it cheaper. I told him he should go back and try for a refund.

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