Smoke free

Some people have suggested that more people might go to pubs now that people are no longer allowed to smoke in them. I’ve always thought that if this was the case many more non-smoking pubs would have opened years ago, but that’s besides the point for this post.

My local was has always been a well frequented establishment, getting quite full on certain nights. It has always been very smoky as well, since most of the people in it smoked (staff included). I’m curious to see what it’s like post-smoking ban, but I do think to get a proper result I need to wait a while for the change to have settled. I can’t imagine it without the smoke.


~ by yorksdevil on July 3, 2007.

One Response to “Smoke free”

  1. It’s freakin’ fantastic. The only thing I’m not happy about is now every time I walk through town I have to cross the road a lot to avoid the plumes of smoke outside each and every pub. When they make smoking illegal in all public places (yes including the street) then I will jump up and down with joy!

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