Film Day

I went to see a couple of films at the cinema yesterday. I say cinema, but actually I didn’t see them at the same place.

In the small independent place I like to go to, I saw Goya’s Ghosts. I wasn’t especially clear what it was about, something involving the artist and heresy. I thought it was a good film, although the usually good Natalie Portman overacted a little in the early scenes. Generally the performances from the cast were solid. It is quite brutal in places, but then it does involve the Spanish Inquisition!

Later I went to see the third Pirates of the Caribbean film. It was an enjoyable enough escapist escapade. I thought it utterly preposterous, but at least it was funny. It is an improvement on the second but I still think the original was the best of the three.


~ by yorksdevil on June 21, 2007.

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