For when you’ve too much time

As a result of Heather’s mention of ‘the impossible quiz’ I came across a site called addicting games (.com) which features a number af free flash games to play. I thought I’d mention the 50 states game. Obviously enough it is a game in which one places the states in the correct position on the map. As long a you get pretty close it slots it in for you and calls it perfect. It also keeps track of your average error on the non-perfect placements.

I scored: 82.35 (42/51, av. er. 42 miles, 446 seconds)

If you have a go yourself come back and let me know how you went on.


Having just played the game again I am reminded of the role luck plays in the game. I had to place Colorado and D.C with nothing nearby for reference. In my first game it was Iowa that I got horribly wrong.


~ by yorksdevil on June 15, 2007.

7 Responses to “For when you’ve too much time”

  1. and where can i find this site?


  2. I put the link to the 50 states game in the term “50 states game” and the main site is

  3. 86.27… not bad… I hopelessly got Kansas in the wrong place! And my knowledge of the NorthEastern states is appalling… Mind you I wonder how well I’d do with the Englsih counties?!

  4. Bec, but how many perfects and what was your average error? The numerical score alone doesn’t tell me much. I’d be hopeless with the counties. I think I’d get Yorkshire, Norfolk and Cornwall.

  5. i was just playing whitetrash dumb silly, i knew where the site was, you said it and linked.


  6. Apologies Molly, (you’re too subtle for the likes of me) I thought perhaps the contrast between the light grey and white writing wasn’t enough to make the link obvious.

  7. 42/51 score 82.35 avg err 34miles time 703 sec

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