I would be grateful if somebody could help me out with some software to convert mp4 files to mp3/wma. Them itunes downloads aren’t much use to me in mp4 format.

I ‘won’ a second song. I’ve used one claim to get the Brad Paisley/Alison Krause duet ‘Whiskey Lullaby’.  I love Ms. Krause’s voice, but unfortunately this track is classed as a Brad Paisley song and is on his album. I’d been after a copy since I heard them perform it at the country music awards a few years ago.


~ by yorksdevil on June 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Awkwardness”

  1. Ah, them’s the rubs – the mp4 format is an itunes format. Give in, use itunes… it’s better than that windows media shite! Or burn onto a disk and then rip back using the mp3 format! I don’t know of any free software that works properly… sorry!

  2. if that itunes software actually plays it (I haven’t actually checked) then I could use audacity to record the sound and export it as mp3. That’s just annoying because it means having to go through the recording process instead of a simple conversion.

    And there was nothing wrong with media player 9, I just don’t understand why they insisted on bringing out nos. 10 and 11.

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