Scream for me Donington

It turns out the Download festival at Donington Park had a live web feed from the main stage (not for all bands, but for most) this year. Unfortunately I only found out about this when it was time for Iron Maiden to take the stage.

To make matters worse I couldn’t get the feed to work. I pressed the link and waited patiently and then reloaded the page and did the same. I even downloaded the latest version of media player in case that was the problem (I was using the previous edition). Eventually I delved into the page source and had to find the feed address and load the damn thing manually. After that it was a hour and half of fun.

I think they were halfway through Different World, the first full song I heard being These Colours Don’t Run. It was nice to hear Children of the Damned and Hallowed Be Thy Name. I had a good sing along to Fear of the Dark and was as surprised as anybody when a tank appeared from nowhere halfway through Iron Maiden. Oh, and Bruce Dickinson fell on his arse halfway through one song, I don’t remember which. Professional that he is, he carried on singing from on the floor.

At the end, he said next summer they’d be in a field somewhere with their own pyramid singing songs about albatrosses and such like. I remember a while back on his radio show he said he’d like to do a tour where they did the more epic, story songs that most of the albums have. I bet that’ll be great.

It’s still a shame I didn’t get to see Megadeth, Mastodon, Slayer and others.


My brother arrived back this morning so he’s been telling me all his stories. He was down the front on the side with the hill (main exit) and got pulled out before the encores. He then went and collapsed on the hill for the final few songs.

As he paid for the more expensive camping he got access to the VIP bar. He shook hands with Kerry King and unwittingly had a chat with Corey Taylor (from Slipknot and Stone Sour). He said he just got chatting to this bloke, who asked him who he’d come to see. He said Korn, Marilyn Manson, Stone Sour and Iron Maiden. When Stone Sour took the stage he realised that he had been talking to Corey but that he has had his hair cut.


~ by yorksdevil on June 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Scream for me Donington”

  1. Arrived in the main Arena just as they were playing Fear of the Dark. Left around 04:00 when I’d finished working. You probably had a better view than most of the punters watching via the net.

  2. I was thinking I got a better view, but it’s not the same as being there, feeling the music and the atmosphere. It’s not bad for free though.

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