I find this popular ‘networking’ website most confusing. They uses words I’m familiar with in unfamiliar ways (a ‘poke’ anyone?) in order to leave me confused and disorientated.

I went looking for my collegues from Sheffield Hallam History ’07 and was amazed at how many people there are who I’ve never heard of and don’t recognise. I’m sure most of them must just be claiming that status falsely, for the prestige. There were a few ‘so that’s what they call him/her’ moments and I found this random girl who started talking to me for no apparent reason in the last few months. There are pictures from the summer ball (summer already?) with the heading ‘classy dresses, not so classy ladies’.


~ by yorksdevil on June 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “Facebook”

  1. Get the Superpoke application and then you can hug people or throw them a sheep.

  2. Throw them a sheep? But I’m not even in the Wales network (no offence Cha0tic, or other Welsh people).

  3. Funny! I’m in the Manchester network… because it’s the one they suggest for Preston even though it’s like 30 miles away!

  4. I have noticed that there isn’t a big selection when it comes to the ‘regional’ networks. You’d think there’d be a ‘Lancashire’ one.

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