2012 – We have 5 more years of this!

Have you seen the logo?! Seriously, whoever approved that doesn’t deserve whatever they’re getting paid. When I saw it, and heard how much it had cost, my first comment was, “There’s a wealthy 5 year old somewhere.” My second comment (well a question actually) was, “What is it?”

On the bbc news, they’ve had people sending in alternative designs. Obviously they’ve had a lot and have most likely been publicising the best of the bunch, but every one I’ve seen on the news has been better than the official one. Instead of paying some fancy agency to over-analyse things they could have run a competition and people would have given them better designs just for the pride of having their design represent the nation.

This competition would have cost money to run, but I bet it would have been a lot less than they have spent and would have produced positive media coverage. They would no doubt have made some kind of television series out of the ‘quest for an identity’, with the winning entry revealed in a live grand final.

I heard Seb Coe trying to defend the reality of the plans for the games on the telly the other day and he was utterly unconvincing. He does seem to still be genuinely enthusiastic and has a lot of person capital invested in making this a success, but it just doesn’t feel like he has a leg to stand on.

It does seem like the nation that accidently took over a third of the world couldn’t pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel.

(I stole that last phrase from the internet, I do not know where the internet stole it from)


And now it turns out the design causes people to have epileptic fits. They must be so proud.


~ by yorksdevil on June 6, 2007.

One Response to “2012 – We have 5 more years of this!”

  1. Much more eliqouently said than my WTF? post.
    But seriously – not a proud day to be British.

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