Done & Dusted

I had my final exam yesterday. In one way things went kinda opposite to monday – on Monday I was fine until it got close, then I got very nervous; yesterday I was nervous in the morning, then I convinced myself that I’d already done enough with my other work so this exam really didn’t matter so long as I passed it. The result: no nerves.

Of much greater importance was the post-exam celebrations. A great many of us descended on the pub just around the corner from uni. I agreed with someone who pointed out that it was fitting for us to finish up at Collegiate Crescent, where we spent the first two years of the course. I saw some people when we were first at the bar, but not afterwards, which is a real shame. On the other hand I did get to chat to people I didn’t know. I spent much of the evening chatting to Emma – an English & History student – who explained to me the wonders of Jane Austen and tried to persuade me to give up meat. Had she known she better she would surely have recognised the futility of her efforts.

I was surprised to look around and see ND – she wasn’t in that class. She didn’t stay. I got up and had a quick word with her, but she had only popped in for a minute and was just leaving. She told me that she had gone to catch a train after the exam on Monday. I don’t know why she didn’t say that before the exam when I spoke to her. Earlier tonight I listened to the song ‘Southern Accent’ and the line “For just a minute she was standing there, with me” was painful. Oh God, listen to me going on.

There was an embarassing moment when I asked someone what they were studying and they replied, “History.” Oops.

Now, clubbing is not my scene. In all my life I have never felt comfortable in a nightclub, so I was relieved when Rue (not her real name) wanted to leave but didn’t know where she was. I selflessly volunteered to escort her to where she could be picked up by her boyfriend. Rue safely delivered, I headed for the last bus and home. Amusingly, S jumped in a cab with a few others and headed down to Plug, expecting the rest of us to follow them down there. We sort of looked at each other, turned in the opposite direction and headed to the Fuzz club.

All in all a good night. G might finally have gotten the girl he’s been after for months (Emma), as far as I’m aware we all survived and there was talk of going out again next week, only this time the lovely Red Head can come (she hasn’t finished yet). I bumped into my friend today – he tells me if RH comes out then he’s coming too.


~ by yorksdevil on May 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “Done & Dusted”

  1. Congratulations! Welcome to post uni. Get drunk a lot and everything looks better!

  2. It might look better, but it certainly wouldn’t feel better. I don’t do drunk. When I got home last night my brother asked me if I was drunk. Taken aback I asked ‘Do I look drunk?!’ I thought it was quite obvious I wasn’t, but he replied that he can’t remember what I am like when drunk because it was so long ago.

  3. Wow, that must be a relief! I’m not much of a clubber either, they’re just cattle markets really aren’t they?

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