So close…

My Soviet Communism exam was this afternoon. This morning I was not nervous in the slightest. I had done my prep, I know the subject and was positively upbeat. As I explained, “There’ll be plenty of time to be distraught after the exam.” This changed in an instant on the bus. Seriously, we were going along and I was fine (I even got the nice young lady bus driver) and then all of a sudden my insides just collapsed and I felt incredibly nervous.

I went for a wander round town before heading to uni, but not for as long as I had planned because the sun was too hot. In uni I found some of my collegues and had regained my composure pretty well. I was trying to organise people for the after exam drinks. Everyone I spoke to was keen on the idea of heading to the pub after the exam. For some of them this was the end, their final exam. Most of us have another one later this week. Just before we went into the exam I even wandered over to ND and asked her if she’d come out for a drink afterwards. She, like all the rest, said she would. I thought this would be great, there’d be loads of us, and just about anybody who’s anybody on the history course did Soviet Communism (a few exceptions spring to mind). It would be like after the Germany exam in January only better.

As you might have guessed it didn’t quite work out like that. As we came out I gathered together with some of the lads. Jo came over and I had a quick word with her but then she disappeared. ND was chatting with a couple of people over to my left then vanished (I hope I see her again sometime). Adam and his missus were down at the front of the exam room while most people were halfway out the door (at the back) and I never saw them come out. I didn’t see MH all day so I don’t know what happened to her.

In the end there were only about 8 of us and we headed down to the union. I’ve never been in the union bar before (I went in the old one in the first year). We only stayed for one as people had trains to catch and what have you. On Thursday it is the final history exam and there should be more substantial celebrations afterwards. I was even asked what I’m going to wear! As if I plan in advance what I wear. Having said that, my new t-shirt turned up today so I might have to stick that on.


~ by yorksdevil on May 21, 2007.

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