Over-sensitive much?

I’ve just got to mention this.

On the excellent Grant Miller blog, the author is writing a series of posts on irrelevent nutjob candidates for the presidency. After a particularly ‘out-there’ example I left the seemingly innocuous comment, ‘Do you ever worry your country has more than its fair share of nutjobs?’

I’ve only just bothered to go and check if I got a reply. I did, but not from the ‘Benevolent Site Master’. Some woman from Texas defensively responded ‘Only when you visit.’ Since I’ve never been to the United States I guess that’s not often then. But seriously, I can’t believe people actually get so defensive over lighthearted comments by random people on other peoples’ blogs no less.

Some people are just silly. And not in the good way.


~ by yorksdevil on May 21, 2007.

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