Youtube comes good

Unlike some people I don’t spend my days trawling through silly videos on the popular youtube website. In fact yesterday when I went on there I had to type in the address because it must have been a couple of weeks since I went on. The reason I went there last night is I watched the last hour of the Hendrix documentary on BBC4 and figured there’d probably be some good footage up to watch.

While I was right about this, I was led to believe that there’s been a lot of stuff taken off. Presumably this relates to the site’s complete disregard for copyright. Now I have mixed feelings about this. I don’t illegally download songs (in fact I very rarely download songs at all, preferring CDs) and think it’s only right that people should be able to be paid for their work not have someone just give it to the world for free. On the other hand I wanted to see Jimi Hendrix.

As has been expressed by others, there can be benefits to allowing limited copyright theft as this allows people to get a taste and hopefully buy the real thing. I also had a look at some other songs including performances by the Highwaymen. Before long I was on the HMV website ordering a Highwaymen album.

A silly video that caught my eye on the front page was this funny cow revolution song.


~ by yorksdevil on May 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Youtube comes good”

  1. See I went to YouTube and got stuck on a three hour David Tennant fest… sigh…

  2. I think I’d rather watch classic clips of top musical performers, but each to his own. Did you listen to the ‘cows with guns’ song? It is funny, I assure you.

  3. I did! And then I kept humming it at work… “mmm mmm mm mmm mmm cows with guns…”

    I kept getting funny looks… wonder why?

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