May miscellany

I have recently been enjoying the musical stylings of Beth Orton. Any of her albums are worth a listen; I started with the value twin-pack of Central Reservation and Trailer Park. When I bought Daybreaker, I opened up the booklet (yes I’m one of those people who actually look at them) and quickly saw the unequivocal statement, “This CD is Carbon Neutral ®. Carbon Dioxide is one of the main reasons for global warming.” I involuntarily said, “No it’s not.” One thing that gets me is, if they actually believe that nonsense, why do they only do enough to make it ‘carbon neutral’? Why not do more and actually reverse the process? The video for the enjoyable song Shopping Trolley, from Ms. Orton’s latest offering, Comfort of Strangers, can be viewed here. I recommend you turn the volume up loud and just enjoy the sillyness.

In the news today is the ongoing developments in reconciliation between the unionists and the republican terrorists Sinn Fein. On the news, the correspondant pointed out that many of the ‘Catholics’ and ‘Protestants’ still don’t like each other – they just aren’t killing each other as much as they used to. While the decline in violence is surely to be welcomed there really need be no problem. The Irish Republic is only down the road – the republicans could move there whenever they want under the EU freedom of movement rules.

Has Her Majesty invited the United States to rejoin the union yet? She really should while she’s in the area.

I see there’s something on in an hour about Britain’s surveillance society. It’s quite something that the home of liberty is the most monitored nation, with millions of CCTV cameras and the world’s largest DNA database (at least officially; Christ only knows what the yanks have got secretly). Should be interesting.


~ by yorksdevil on May 8, 2007.

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