An election but where’s the choice?

I didn’t know who the candidates were or which parties were standing until I got to the booth. There were: Conservatives,  Greens, Labour, LibDems, UKIP.

In these local elections I would have liked to vote Conservative, but since the media will be looking at the national support for the Conservatives as an assessment of David Cameron, I couldn’t vote for them. (it’s not like they could win here anyway)

I’m not a communist so no to the Greens.

This city is split between Lab and LibDems and they have shown themselves to both be as bad as one another. No way are either of them getting my support.

This left me with UKIP or a spoilt ballot. I know many people would go for the spoilt ballot but I decided to vote instead. It makes no difference. No vote I’ve ever cast has made any difference, I don’t know why I bother.


~ by yorksdevil on May 3, 2007.

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