Let’s try this again

I don’t see why I couldn’t have my old address back. It’s not like anyone else is using it! I considered just using the old Intellectual Dropout blog but Blogger annoyed me once too often so I’ll stick with wordpress for now. I do miss the green.

I’m assured I’m gonna be left to blog in peace. It’s quite possibly the closest he’s ever come to feeling guilt.

What’s happened in the interregnum?

Sod all really, so about the same as usual. I finally got round to speaking to ND, or as Elf named her “Classmate Hottie”, (only a few months after I should have!), my main item of work has to be in next Friday (4th May) and I’m not happy with it. There are books I still want to read for it! I’ve actually written more than 6000 words which is the minimum but there’s loads of stuff I want to add and my conclusion I wrote today is really poor and only about 600 words. Christ knows what happened to all that time.

I finish at the end of May and the rest of my life is a void. I have no idea what I’m gonna do and I don’t like being directionless. I’m a creature of habit and without my routine I get completely lost and do nothing. I’ve been looking at holidays to Toronto (as if I’d actually go) and you can get 2 bedroom apartments for something like 800 Canadian dollars for a week, which is nowt. Then you look up flights and they cost significantly more than that (from about £550). That price is not a problem, living at home and lacking a social life is an inexpensive way to live. I wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel because I’d want a proper kitchen to cook food, not a microwave. I haven’t had a holiday since 2001 when I went to Majorca with my parents. I’ve never been the one who actually has to know what’s going on and I know I’d end up stranded in Newark, NJ or something if I don’t take someone with me who actually has a clue what’s going on. Oh yeah, there are no direct flights from Manchester to Toronto, so depending on which company you go with you might switch planes in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, London, NYC or Newark. I think that means they get twice as many opportunities to lose your baggage.

I think I got carried away there.


~ by yorksdevil on April 25, 2007.

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